>Beware the Tickle Fights!

>I always yell at the kids “Knock it off, someone will get hurt!” Well, I didn’t heed my own warning. On Tuesday evening I waged a sneak tickle attack on my son. My six foot tall, 185lb, almost 17 year old son who is very good at blocking sneak tickle attacks. I ended up with a sprained index finger (extremely important for typing!) and the sweetest hug from my boy after he realized what happened. Well worth the fun and happiness we all shared as a family that night. But bad for typing blog posts.

On Monday June 6th, I will be newly

I will be sharing with everyone my process – all the wonderfullness along with the failures and frustrations. Stay tuned!


One comment on “>Beware the Tickle Fights!

  1. Madison says:

    >I love tickle fights. I hope DS will still be enjoying them when he is 17 years old.

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