>Day Three of My Work From Home Experiment

>Hey Everyone!

I have completed my third day of work from home. Now I know why time management can be so important. When I was actually going to a job I was there during a certain set of hours and then I left. Today I:

  1. Had a visit from the Orkin Man. Taking care of my black widow problem is a priority.
  2. Had 4 visits from my neighbor. 
  3. Visited said neighbor.
  4. Went to grocery store.
  5. Tried (and failed) to inject some organization into the house.
  6. Finished organizing the garage. It is still a wreck much better now. I have bins labeled and I moved the toolbox to a more accessible location.
  7. Took more photos of resale items (it would have been a success if I’d remembered to put the memory card back into the camera!)

I have to explain the neighbor situation. My precious neighbor is a very lonely old widowed woman with Alzheimer’s. And asthma. She came over to my house this morning to ask what day it was. She checks off the days on her calendar and wanted to make sure that it was right. Later in the afternoon she was mixed up on the seasons, thought that we were going into winter. Anyway, she had an asthma attack and came over, all raspy breathed and carrying her inhaler, to bring some food over for my dogs. I couldn’t tell if she was being dramatic or if she was really in trouble. I asked when she had used her inhaler and offered to take her to the hospital. I kind of decided on dramatic. She went home and then I remembered that she had been at my house when the Orkin Man sprayed. Uh-oh. I went back to her house after a half hour to see if her inhaler had kicked in. She answered the door (check), we talked a bit (check) and her lips were pink and not blue (check). I think that she will live to see another day 😉
Her son lives in the house right behind hers and he had already made an appointment for her to see the doctor tomorrow. I just wish that there were a magic pill for loneliness as this is really her biggest problem since losing her husband to cancer a couple of years ago. This woman really has some fascinating stories. She grew up in England, was a child during WWII and was evacuated out of London, living with a family in the countryside who took in the city children. She traveled with a tap dancing troupe in England. I would like to find out more, I will need to go over to her place sometime and get these stories out of her. And see if she has any photos of her younger self. I suspect that she was a real knockout in her day!
So, I have no photos to share today, what with the memory card snafu and all…..


2 comments on “>Day Three of My Work From Home Experiment

  1. >Ha, ha, you are funny. But well done on checking up on her, you just never know. I bet she'd have some great stories too, hopefully she remembers them all. My grandma (90yrs) has fab stories, her memory for anything 30 years or more ago is crystal, it's just everything after that which gives her trouble!Good luck with the organising – just throw yourself into it, you will feel soooo much better when it's done.

  2. >Congrats on the working from home! I did it for a while last year (or the year before) and it was so hard to stay on task, especially in the nice weather.

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