>Sundress Upcycle

>Hey Everyone!

It’s been a bit since I have crafted a project and I had a bug today…….before the project I had spent hours on Ebay listing quite a lot of DVDs. When I got dressed this morning I chose a cute orange sundress that I had found in my craft pile in the garage. I had added it to the pile last year because I had never worn it. When I found it last week I decided I would give it another try and I love it. It is so comfy and is slightly more flattering than I remember it being. It made me want to try my hand at upcycling a dress.

The inspiration
The materials

 I took an old tank top and a cute skirt that I had gotten from Salvation Army. I cut the elastic from the skirt and cut about 2/3 from the width (fullness) of the skirt. The smaller piece became the skirt for the dress. I cut the tank to the length that I wanted and sewed the skirt to the tank.

And the dress

 The dress hung sort of funny when I was done so I took a section of the original skirt, cut it in half and sewed these strips together to make a longer strip. I attached this strip (sewed up the middle of the strip) to the side seam of the dress. I just use it as a sash and tie it around my waist.


This dress, at calf length, is quite a bit longer than the inspiration dress. It will be nice for hanging around the park or going to the beach. Mostly because I can sit on the ground and not have to worry about what I am exposing 😉


3 comments on “>Sundress Upcycle

  1. >how cute!love the colors on the skirt…you look great:)

  2. >Good job. I like it, and I sure wish I could sew.

  3. >Your dress is cute! Love the sash!

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