>Super Awesome Thrift Store Sale

>I should be ashamed. I have no idea the name of the thrift store I went to this afternoon. It is “something or other ReStore”. And, no, its not Habitat for Humanity. Anyway, its a cute place right here in my town. Its little but it has furniture, clothing, a bit of jewelry and some crafty stuff. I went in today because I just had to look to see if they still had the bias tape that I had seen (and not purchased at 50% off). I passed it up then needed it like, the very next day. Figures. Good thing I waited. Today they were offering any red, white or blue colored items for 75% off.

Say What?? 
75% off?

Holy cow! Grab a basket STAT! So, I got a ridiculous amount of bias tape. All of the red, white and blue colors and a few others (which were still 50% off).

And also a ridiculous amount of baby clothing. No, I am not having a baby (and hoping I didn’t just jinx myself here). I did a google search to find out what people have the most luck with on Ebay. Used baby clothes seem to be a top seller, the article said that lots of people purchase from garage sales and re-sell on Ebay. So, we will see how this experiment goes. I am going to try to hit some garage sales this weekend and see about getting some more so that I can have some better lots. Those big lots seem to be the ones that move the best.

The whole pile of baby clothes.

I love this little girl’s dress.

Isn’t this the cutest set? I didn’t realized that these pieces went together until I got home. They were sold separately.

This is such an adorable Ralph Lauren dress.
Hehe, don’t bother me šŸ˜‰

All of this was scored for $30 and some change.


3 comments on “>Super Awesome Thrift Store Sale

  1. Madison says:

    >Wow! Thrifting at 75% off ! Look forward to your hearing about your ebay experiment. I see lots of little girlie dresses I'd love to buy and if I sell them off then it's a legitimate reason to indulge.Madison xxx

  2. Erica Louise says:

    >WOW all that bias tape! Brilliant, one can never have enough! great finds here, thanks for sharing

  3. Kat says:

    >Hi Christine, great post, I too have the head in the sand! My sister reminds me all the time!LOL I flat don't wanna hear some of it! BUT I do have a recommend blog for you re the ebay experiment! This lady, Rita, in Cali is a MASTER at ebay, check out her blog, she is SO helpful and tells you the how to-s! I found her one late night looking for ways to supplement the income a little šŸ™‚ AND keep my addiction at the thrifts going! http://goodwillhaunting.blogspot.com/Keep us posted? Good luck! xoxox Kat =^.^=

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