>Picnic Basket Makeover


Hey Everyone! Do you all have plans for the weekend? Do they involve picnics? When I hit the garage sales last Saturday I came across this lovely.

Cute like it is. But kinda boring.

The man selling this kept yelling ” A dollar for that!” every time someone picked something up. Didn’t matter what it was. Unless it was one of his power tools. Darn! I could definitely snap up some power tools for a dollar, right? But I grabbed this baby and she’s pretty cool. I gave her a coat of yellow on the body.

Not too much different yet. Just a bit lighter.

Then a coat of navy on the top. I was in a bit of a nautical mood. I am envisioning this basket going to the beach with me. So that I didn’t spoil the yellow paint I slipped in a piece of cardboard to catch the outside paint.

How convenient that Chris had beer in the fridge. I was able to swipe this cardboard.

After a couple of coats and a bit of drying time she was ready to party!

All ready for a front yard picnic.

She’s pretty roomy in there. I think that a bottle of wine and some snacks will fit just fine.

All set to go! Now where is that wine??

I do love the contrast between the dark blue and the light yellow.

Bon apetite!

Here is something else that I got for a dollar. I am almost done with the makeover. I just need to go to the craft store when I make my trip over the hill and pick up some scrapbook paper to finish her up. Anyone who can guess what can be done with nonfat milk and borax gets a brownie point 😉

Sneaky peek!

2 comments on “>Picnic Basket Makeover

  1. >I love picnic baskets. Way to bring new life to it!

  2. >Hi Christine~Such a fun makeover!! Happy to be a new follower & I invite you to link to my {K.I.S.S.} Blog Bash. :)~Christina~Drop By The Tattered Tag

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