>Crafted Necklaces


Hi Everyone!

     I have been busy with my strings and beads lately. Remember my sneaky peek? The black beads? I used alternating black and transparent silver beads to create this fun thing.

     Fun, isn’t it? Let me tell you a secret. I don’t use the string that you can find in the craft supply store. I just don’t like them. They unravel and are too slippery to hold a knot. I use Braunamid synthetic suture material. I got it from a veterinary clinic that I used to work at. It was old and expired and the alcohol surrounding the suture material had gone dry. This is flexible enough for jewelry and stiff enough to be able to easily thread small beads without a needle. And, it holds knots really well! If you can find old Braunamid, more power to you! If you google it, you can find it for sale. Purchase the cassette, not the kind with a needle already attached.

     I recently showed you a dragon necklace that I had made for my daughter’s Christmas gift. She wanted something a little different. She told me what she wanted and I put it together. Is she a good jewelry designer, or what?

The dragon on its new string.

Gold, transparent teal and dark brass colored beads. This photo doesn’t do justice to this stunning necklace.

>Purple Beaded Necklace

>Hi Everyone!

     Here is a simple project for a Saturday. I used some of the beads from a bracelet that I teased about recently.

I used the bracelet in front, with the chipped hematite stones.

     I made two strings using purple and lavender, some iridescent, and randomly strung seed beads. In the middle, I made a pattern using the hematite stones and the purple beads. For the shorter, second, string, I used the seed beads, black seed beads from the bracelet and a few of the hematite beads. I must admit, I am fairly self impressed with this one because the entire thing was strung while I was riding in the car. I think it takes a certain level of trust and patience to be able to spill out seed beads onto a thin plastic (and cracked) bead tray and string these with a needle 😉
     It took two mornings, about an hour and half of work each day, to finish this necklace.


     Then, all I did was add a clasp and secured it using crimp beads. Easy!

     Remember the cool antique shop I visited recently? The old barn? Here is a photo from outside the shop. The owner had a bunch of wagon wheels, most of them metal, locked together in the driveway of the shop. I love this one!!

>Wooden Bead Necklace


Hello Everyone
     Who watches Modern Family and Cougar Town on TV?  This project seemed like it took no time at all because I did it during these two shows (which are fantastic!).
     This necklace didn’t include any beads from yesterday’s teaser photos. I pulled them out and looked through everything, I guess I just wasn’t in the mood for those. I suppose I had a thing for wooden beads last night.

     I simply lined my beads up in my bead tray, arranging them in the design that I liked. I strung them on jewelry string, added some crush beads and the clasp. After pulling the string through the clasp, I restrung the string through the crush beads, then crushed the beads closed and trimmed the ends.
     Super easy and it only took me about an hour and half from beginnign to end!


>Bead Necklace

>Hello Crafty People!

The other day I showed a photo of a pink necklace that I really love that was to serve as inspiration for a handmade necklace. Sooo, last night I got busy over a rerun of Glee. As it turns out, I don’t have nearly enough beads in my collection to make a necklace like I wanted to! Unless it is to become a technicolor nightmare. I chose a dark green stone with silver colored oval beads and produced a single strand that can be worn alone or layered with other necklaces. I used unbreakable string and simply strung the beads on in a pattern. The string I used was very old synthetic suture material that I had gotten from a now closed veterinary clinic. Since that isn’t available to all of us (insert sad face here) there is also great beading string available at any craft store. When I finished, I tied the string and strung the ends through the end bead then cut the string ends.

Fuzzy close up

So, even though I didn’t have enought materials to do what I really wanted, this turned out to be a fun project. I guess I have a bead shopping trip in my near future!
Happy Crafting!