>Shhhh. It’s a Christmas Gift for my Niece

>Hello Everyone!

     I just got finished with the cutest bench for my niece for Christmas. I scored this bench at the Salvation Army for $3.10.

The leopard print top is velvet. Delish!

     The bench was a bit ’80’s-licious for me. In fact, the paint had my attention so much that I didn’t notice at first the bunny shape of the sides.
     I sanded the whole thing and painted it glossy white.

White bunnies

While I let the paint dry, I took apart an old bed pillow for some seat padding. I just carefully unfolded the poly material until I had the right measurement. For a more professional look, it would be much better to go with new quilt batting or foam seats lets face it. This bench is for a 5 year old. And, I’m cheap.

Pillow guts
      I sewed the front and back of the velvet top to make a longer strip of material. Using my staple gun I drove a few staples through the pillow guts to keep it from slipping. I then stapled the velvet material all around (including the bottom).

Oops. I didn’t pay attention to the way the velvet lays. Hopefully the sister and niece won’t notice.

     I think the bunnies look pretty snazzy now.