>The Ugly Truth

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     One of my weekend chores was to finally straighten up my closet. It hasn’t really been put together properly since I moved in to my house. I didn’t bring my bureau with me so everything is just halfhazardly crammed into this space.

     One of these days I will install a closet organizer, but not yet. I reorganized my clothing, moving the longer stuff to the other side and putting like pieces together. You know, skirts together, tanks together. Novel, huh?  I used my lined basket to hold my undies and socks and a chinese basket that I picked up from the thrift store to hold my jatmmies. I folded my sweaters and stacked them into a plastic container. I then pulled in a coffee table to hold shoes off the floor. The closet didn’t need the table as much as I needed a place to put that table, so the closet it was! I think I faked that one well…..
     So, until I get that closet organizing system installed, here is my newly organized closet.