>Elastic Waistbands Are Cool!

>Hi Everyone!

     Here is another project from my thrifty booty from last week. Remember the skirt?

Cute skirt. Terrible for my shape. I didn’t even bother to try it on…..

     This skirt was cut into several strips, with plans to create scarves. And, maybe a baby dress for my granddaughter, Miz A. After cutting the strips from the fabric, I was left staring at the elastic waistband. The fabric is so cute, it didn’t feel right to waste the waist (hehe). I wrapped it around my wrist and realized that I could sew these into slip on cuffs. No snaps or buttons! Yay!

I first cut a length long enough to fit around my wrist. Holding the strip in place around your wrist, pull it off to make sure that it slips off comfortably.
Stitch the cuff closed.
I cut a piece from the waist tie for the bow.
Thrifted clip on earring.
I sewed the earring onto the bow.
I then sewed the bow/earring right onto the cuff.

The sunshine on the top cuff is also a thrift treasure. That one is a keeper, in fact, I wore it all day today. The bottom one is a giveaway. Go here to enter the giveaway.

     These were so fun I plan to do many more in the future. Definitely looking forward to the next Salvation Army 50% off day!!