Hi Everyone!
     I am sitting home alone (well, me and all of the pets) with a chocolate bar and a glass of diet pepsi spiked with Crown. Ideal Saturday night? Well, yes. ‘Cuz I get to watch my
HGTV’s Genevieve Gorder
     Genevieve Gorder hosts HGTV’s show, Dear Genevieve. People write in to the show describing their design problem and Gen designs the homeowner’s new space. And, her designs are pure genius!
     This is a girl after my own heart! She shops for unique pieces, isn’t afraid to bust out a few walls and encourages the homeowners to step outside of their comfort zone. She loves babies, cooks for her crew and has hair and dimples to die for! Here is the episode I watched tonight. I just wish I could have found some images from this bathroom.
     No matter. Here are a few cool ideas to look at. This one shows how this sofa was build right onto the wall to maximize space in a small room.

HGTV – 5 Small room rules to break

     HGTV’s favorite bathrooms from Rate my space.


HGTV.com – Budget bathrooms from rate my space.

     Did you know that you can find craft ideas on HGTV.com?

Scarf crafted from sweaters

     The above scarf looks like a fun project. The only thing I would change, though, is that the instructions call for acrylic sweaters. I HATE acrylic. The static I get from acrylic drives me nuts! I am a natural girl. I would find sweaters in 100% wool. If you felt the wool (wash in hot water and throw in the dryer), it becomes like a fabric and it wont unravel when you cut it. So, you can skip stitching down the ends.
     So, I am going to take my Crown and diet pepsi (the chocolate is long gone!) and play with some wool now.
     By the way, I did not do this review at the request on HGTV or anyone else. I was not paid for this review. However, if anyone could hook me up with someone who would pay me for this, I would be your best friend for life!