>New Headboard

>Hi Everyone!

     For a couple of months now, my “headboard” has been a set of armoire doors leaning against the wall behind the bed. It looked good but the doors were always leaning forward, away from the wall. I found it annoying and finally took the time to complete a very simple fix.
     I got the doors from a friend. Her home was destroyed by a fire about a year and half ago. As I was helping her to recover  her belongings from the home, I noticed the armoire. The top of the armoire was burned clean off and there was damage to the doors. Amazingly, there were photographs in a drawer inside the armoire which survived unscathed. We removed the doors and I took those, and the drawer, home. I scrubbed the smoke residue from the doors and left them as they are. Its the ultimate distressed finish 😉

All I did was to put a couple of eye screws in and strung some picture wire on.
Ugh, I destroyed the wall. Good thing the doors cover the damage!
Ta-daaa! My new “headboard”
Murphy loves it too.

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