>Green Drapes

>Hello Everyone.

     Today’s project was a super easy one. Drapes for my pantry.

     Drapes for the pantry? Yes, if one removes their door. My kitchen has an eat-in area with a hanging lamp that I would expect should be centered above a table. Wellll, if that’s the case, the pantry door opened right into the table. Can’t have that. Even though I didn’t put a table in there, I still didn’t like the door opening and using so much space. So I took it out. Then I had the pantry spilling its ugly secrets into my kitchen space.
Remember the khaki green duvet cover I made a throw pillow from?
 I used the other half for the drapes. I cut the half in half and sewed the top down so I could feed the curtain rod through it. I didn’t hem the edges, this material is heavy enough to get away with the raw edges and look good. I just used a spring loaded rod from Walmart to hang the curtains in the doorway.
Now the secrets are covered.
Its amazing what a difference this makes. And, it was so easy I don’t know why it took me so long to complete it! Has anyone else covered their pantry with curtains? Or, am I just strange?