>A Fresh Start

>Hi Everyone!

     Happy New Year! Rather than spend the day reflecting on the past year, I love to look ahead and set the tone for the year to come. It really works for me, it seems that when I make a commitment to myself on this day, I tend to stick with it.

     Haha, the above was written yesterday. I committed to post yesterday and it didn’t happen. But, in looking at the big picture, I did do a lot of work with my page and Chris and I visited his kids, granddaughter, sister and parents up in Sacramento. Getting up to Sac is also something that we want to do more in the new year.
     I have mentioned in forums before but I don’t think that I have talked about it on the blog before. I live in Los Banos, Ca and work in Santa Clara, Ca. We travel 188 miles per day and I spend about 5 hours in the car. Every day. I began this blog with the intention of making this my vocation. So, every person who follows, every person who comments and every person who silently visits is bringing me a little closer to my goal and I really appreciate you for it, more than you can know. So, thank you, to everyone, from the bottom of my heart.

     I saw a really great idea from Diamonds, fur and laundry. Her idea was to post a photo every day and give a little tidbit about it. This purpose of this is to show a little bit of the person behind the blog. This is similar to the Project 365 that I have been seeing around as well. But, I already include photos on every post. I like the idea of including personal photos too. I swear, I had already thought of my project name before I ever read about Project 365.

 I am going to call this:

Project Photo365
     Since I didn’t manage a post yesterday, I have 2 3 photos to share.
Mizz A is a busy baby. She is Chris’ granddaughter. Since Chris is my man, this makes her MY granddaughter too! She turns 1 on Valentine’s Day. So it is truly a holiday of LOVE for us!

Chris’ brother is a disabled veteran. He is also on the curling team of the US Paralympic Team.

Pat gave me this super awesome down vest as a Christmas gift. It is so incredibly warm. Thanks Pat! Click on his name to check out his story.

     I also entered the

     I entered my Exterior Light Turned Photo Box project. I had given these as Christmas gifts, everyone loved them! They were easy and fun to make and (I thought) a clever upcycle of old material. Please, please click on the above button and look for my photo box. I need all the help I can get! If you do, please leave a comment on the post entered at Crafting With the Stars, come back here to post that you did it and I will make a photo box for one drawn winner. Thank you!!!

This is the thumbnail to look for.