>New Blog for Animal Lovers

>Hi Everyone!

     I am following a great new blog! If you love animals, you will love this blog. It is written by my good friend, Martha. Martha used to write a monthly article for Equestmagazine.com (this emagazine is no longer published).
     Martha is the founder and director of DreamPower Horsemanship, the non-profit I donate my time to every Sunday. Martha’s personal horse, Nick, became very ill on Christmas Eve night and had to be euthanized. Sometimes through loss, there are unintended blessings. Martha took in Angel, an abandoned horse who needed a foster home.

Angel. Courtesy of DreamPower Horsemanship

     Martha doesn’t know that I am writing this. Could you all give Martha a little bit of love and visit her blog and leave an encouraging comment? It would mean the world to me!
Thank you!!

>Wool, wool, wool

>Hi Everyone

     I am still playing with wool. I have bags of it in my dining room now, I need to stop buying any more until I use what I have! Hmmm. That might be hard. What I have been working on right now are from a brown lambswool sweater and a tan cashmere sweater. The cashmere is divine against the skin! Except, it was unflattering to wear as a sweater. It needed to become something else.

Cashmere arm warmers!

with a hand embroidered flower

     The brown sweater turned out to have a few moth holes. That’s okay, I came up with a different idea.

Brown horsey

Haha, horses don’t really sit like this.

The brown horsey inspiration, Missy. Aka, Old Lady.

     Look for more arm warmers on my Etsy shop soon! Maybe these tan cashmere ones. If I don’t keep them for myself…..
   To those who celebrate,

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

>Geordi’s Stomping Grounds

>Hello Everyone!

     I was looking through other blogs over the weekend and I came across Kirsty’s blog You Had Me At Bonjour. Kirsty lives in Southern France and I am so insanely jealous. But, then I thought, I live in California and spend a lot of time in the Santa Clara Valley. Location of Silicon Valley. I am close to Yahoo, Google and Ebay. But, I am a country girl at heart. And, I heart the south end of the Santa Clara Valley.

My old lady, Missy
I call him “the Food Boyfriend” because when he is around, I become invisible.

Dinner Time

There were wild turkeys everywhere

Stormy day.

El Toro Mountain in Morgan Hill

     Sometime soon I will take pictures of the town I live in, Los Banos.