>A Look Back

>Hi Everyone!

     It’s time for a look back over the past year. Yes, I know that I’ve only been blogging for the past 3 months but, what the hay?? The past three months is just a warm up for the year to come.
     Please join me for a trip down memory lane! To view the original post just click on the caption below the photo.

     This kitchen island was my very first post! This was an abandoned tool cart and I painted it and added shelves. It fits into my small kitchen and we get so much use out of it.

Kitchen island

   This candy stand held Christmas cookies and Sees Candies during my Christmas soiree.

Tiered candy stand

     I upcycled this bench for my niece’s Christmas gift. She and her brother both loved it!

Leopard bench

     I found this end table at the thrift store for a steal! I simply sanded and painted it and changed out the drawer pulls.  This is next to my bed now.

Black end table

      My Hall of Fame! I love this. I have about 30 more pictures and autographs to add. I think that I need another hallway…..

My Hall of Fame