>Hi Everyone!

     Today, I have a peek at an unfinished project and a simple one that was fun to make. The project that I haven’t finished yet is an expirement for sure but I like how it is turning out. I crocheted a triangular scarf in red acrylic yarn and began to weave different colored ribbon through. I just need to finish all of the ribbons and make sure that they are attached so they don’t slip out.

     This necklace was just a tank top that I never wore (t-shirt material) that I cut three strips from. I braided the strips and wound them through lamp swag chain that I found at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. I love it! I had some trouble getting this to hang right, turns out I just need to make sure that the braid is pulled very loosely through the chain.

Below is a random shot of the hunting hobbyist in my house. That is Autumn, stalking Geordi-Lynn, my 26 year old Green Cheeked Amazon parrot. In case anyone wondered, the bird is where I got my name Geordi from. I have been using Geordilynn as a screen name for the past 11 years so it was natural to me to call my blog Crafty Geordi.

This is Geordi’s trick “Beautiful Eagle”