>Romantic Paper Cranes

>Hi Everyone!

     I have been seeing so many paper crafts using book pages lately. I love to read and I love things having to do with books and words. But, rather than copy someone else’s craft (awesome as they are, though) I wanted to come up with my own idea.
     When I got married (the first time) I had to make 1,001 paper origami cranes. Its a Japanese tradition and I couldn’t get out of it. So, my friends and family and I made all of these darned cranes. And, you know what? I promptly FORGOT how to make these cranes. Kind of funny that this was my idea for book page crafts. Maybe I’ll eventually make 1,001 of these…..
     Since I forgot how to fold them I had to find a tutorial. This wasn’t hard. I found the perfect tutorial on Origami-Fun

This is why these are “romantic” cranes!

You will need to cut the pages into perfect squares. I just folded one corner to create a triangle, then trimmed the extra end using a paper cutter. Make the first one a template for the rest unless you like folding. Actually, I hope you like it, there is a lot of folding involved with this little project!

I used a needle and sewing thread to make a loop in that little triangle between the wings. The thread was too thin to show well in this photo.

     I’ve made a bunch so far and I think that they will make adorable little Christmas tree ornaments.