>Exterior Light Fixture Turned Photo Box

>Hi Everyone

     I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas! One of the crafts I had been working on was a photo box.
     I had found some exterior light fixtures at the Habitat For Humanity Re-Store for $3.00 each.

     I unscrewed the light fixture from the box and got to work. First, I printed out some cute photos to use and then cut them to size.

     I then used Modpodge to  glue the photos to the inside of the box walls.

The finished project looks just like this! But, dry.

     The boxes had a hole in the top where I removed the hardware.

     I cut a piece of super cute scrapbook paper and modpodged it to the top of the box.

I printed out Amaya’s name onto pink construction paper.

     The scrapbook paper was left over from this modpodge box that I made for my niece.

This was a wooden jewelry box from Michaels painted white.

     Remember the train parts from my sneaky peek post?

I used different colors of craft paint and glossy spray on top.