>Show and Share Sunday

>Hi Everyone!

     Yesterday was uncrafty 😦  I went to Christopher’s old house to help clean it out and move the rest of his stuff to storage. But, on the way to his house we passed a

Garage Sale!

     Not all of the garage sales in my neighborhood are that great but this one was awesome. Here is some of my take. $20 total!

This giant candle pedestal will be repainted.

I don’t know yet. I had planned to take this apart to make a shade for the peanut butter jar lamp. But I shopped the cutest teddy bear lamp from Chris’ garage that will be adorable for Miz A.

Remember the cigar box purses from a few years ago? I still think they’re cool.

A game from 1952. I thought it was cool.

Miz A’s first birthday is February 14. That’s right, a Valentine baby. This will be her birthday present. The stamp on the bottom of the pieces says Bavaria 39.

     I just hit my maximum for photos, I will need to take care of this and then I will post the rest. Until then, I hope that you will all join me for my

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