>Still trying to eek out a post on Monday

>Hello Crafty People!

     So, it’s 10:28pm and I am just starting my post. Oh, well. It’s my own fault for going shopping and taking the kids to dinner. We had a good time, though! My kids are very cool and fun to hang with.
     This is a little something I had worked on over the weekend. I have a round dining table and it is kind of plain on its own but the brown table cloth I found is so ’70’s-ish.  I am liking the brown lately and am accessorizing my house with dark brown so this goes. I wanted to bring it current though.

So, what I ended up doing was cutting two strips from the thickest part of this table cloth. I hemmed up both strips and laid across the table as two table runners.
The bowl in the middle is a trick I learned from my friend, Sofia. Cut citrus fruits in half (here I have limes) and just let them air dry. If your house is humid inside, try putting these in a warm oven so they can dry out without molding. With the table runners, I am thinking of trimming them in green so they have a little contrast against the brown table…..
I used the extra fabric from the table cloth for another simple little project. I have seen in some decorating magazines the idea for an outlet station for cell phones and a place to drop keys. Since in our home, cell phones and keys are frequently misplaced, I made a drop station here. I used two unused barstools pushed together, a piece of wood shelving and my extra fabric. I simply wrapped the shelf in the fabric and placed it on the bottom rungs of the barstools. I plugged in a power strip for the phone chargers. I am also keeping my internet router and modem here. Keys go into the pretty metal bowls on top.
If I find a cute cabinet later, I may replace this. But for now, it’s a fun, unconventional way to use barstools.
Happy Crafting!