>Kickoff to the Christmas Season

>Hi Everyone!

     To all of my fellow Americans, Happy Thanksgiving! Tomorrow is the “official” start of the Christmas season. As soon as I wake up from my turkey coma, I plan to re-arrange some furniture so I can fit our Christmas tree into the living room. I cannot wait, I am so excited to decorate for Christmas in my new house.
     Here is a little something to get into the mood. I found this beautiful girl at the Salvation Army last night. She was only $5.50 and not even 50% off of the price this time. She did have a few stains on her though.

I’ve already begun working on the stains.

There were light rust colored stains all over the white dress.

     I used Clorox Ultimate Care Bleach and a Q-tip to to dab the bleach onto the stains. I dabbed the bleach on, let it sit for a minute then used another Q-tip soaked in water to rinse the fabric.

It is hard to photograph all of this white on white!

     I then used a paper towel to pull off the extra water.

     That was it! My new stain free Christmas angel.

Stain free!

     Here is a random photo. Sandy is so happy to have the family home!

Lazy Sandy. Enjoying the warm house on a chilly day.

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