>Thrifty Gifts

>Hi Everyone!

     Thanks to everyone who has joined my first Linky Party so far! When we try something new, it can be a real nailbiter sometimes, right?
     Yesterday I showed you some of my crafted gifts. Today, it is thrifted gifts! Which is a little bit funny because many of my crafted gifts are just thrift store upcycles anyway!
     But, back to my thrifted gifts. Here they are!

Isn’t this a cool carafe? This cost me $2.50!

Close up of the detail. I don’t think this is going to hold Wild Turkey but it will hold something fun.

I couldn’t believe this when I found it. My boyfriend was actually going to get it as my gift
but I bought it for someone else before he could herd me away from it.
This is detailed enough to know that it is a stallion. Sorry, no photos of that.

Not thrifted. But, “second-hand” so I’ll count it. I picked this up at an antique store in Hilmar, CA.
It is a tiny little handcarved stepstool from 19th century China. $30.00

Isn’t this precious? Mikasa Christmas mug, still in the original box. $2.50.

     Don’t forget to show me your crafted / thrifted gifts!