>When is it Okay to Wear Fur?

>     It’s always okay to wear fur! When it is vintage or thrifted.
Hi everyone! If you haven’t yet figured out yet, I love the thrift store. I can shop until my heart’s content, find really cool stuff and I am helping people in need at the same time.

     Here are my favorite charitable contributions I have received given over the past year.

I believe that this cape is mink. Slight tear in the shoulder. $6.00. SCORE!

Suede jacket with sweater sleeves. Light enough to replace a blazer, warm enough that I wore it in 26 degree weather. I know, it was only to run to the car. $5.00

I love, love, love my black boots! The tall ones are J. Crew, the shorter ones (I call them Robin Hood boots) are unknown brand. Both pairs are leather. Did I mention how much I love them? $11.00 each pair.

I just love this picture. I had purchased it as a gift but I couldn’t part with it. It is hanging in my kitchen. $7.00      
Mink coat. 1950s style long coat with 3/4 length sleeves. No defects or odors. Excellent condition! $29.99! And this wasn’t even half off day. I gave this to my mom for Christmas 2009.
Project Photo365
This super cozy chair came with a matching ottoman. $75.00 and the condition was like new. Pillow – upcycled. Cat – Fromage. Age 11. Fromie was an upcycle of sorts, I found him as a feral kitten. I brought him home and tamed him. It took a while but he is a total darling now. Don’t ya think? I am lucky if he ever lets me use my chair…..