>Map Themed Trunk

>Hi Everyone!

     Last week I showed you a sneaky peek of my old trunk. The trunk had peeling green paint and some very old stickers that the kids stuck on when they were little. I used to love the distressed look of the trunk but now, it is just tired. And very distressed.
     I didn’t really want to just paint it. I was looking for something more interesting. I shopped Christopher’s junk that he is throwing into the recycle bin and found and old Rand McNally map book. I cut out the pages and got to work.

Here are my supplies. Not shown is my glossy Mod Podge.

I used spray adhesive to glue the map pages down. I did these somewhat randomly, overlapping pages all around the box.

You can see where I primed then painted the hardware on this trunk. I didn’t see the need to cover the bottom of this trunk. I don’t foresee myself displaying this upside down 😉

After a couple coats of Mod Podge and some drying time, it was ready to come back into the house.

In its new home in the reading corner. I have a feeling that this new beauty won’t be staying here. No one puts Baby in the corner 😉   Haha, who recognizes that line?