>Veteran’s Day in the U.S.A.


Memorial Wall, Washington D.C. Photo from Bing.com

Hi Everyone!

     My grandfather served in WWII, as a guard for the German P.O.W.s. The story I have had passed down to me is that the American guards would bring in materials for the POWs to make things with. We, of course, would call it crafting. My understanding is that my grandfather recieved two items as gifts from these men. One is a carved horse drawn cart. The other is a necklace, the charm being a vary detailed image of a boy and a girl picking apples, cut and carved from metal. The workmanship is incredible. My grandfather cherished these and passed them on to his children. I knew nothing of these until after my own father’s death, when his wife handed me a box and said “Here, Chris, you like horses”. When I asked my dad’s sister what she knew about the horse, she told me the story and sent me the apple picking children. These will be passed on to my own children. They already know the significance of the pieces.

Big thanks to American Veterans for protecting our freedom and our way of life!

Hopefully, someday, there will be peace around the world and not one more human being anywhere will need to sacrafice their life in war.