>Cup Cozee

>Hi Everyone!

     Its now Wednesday and all week long I have been forgetting to bring my coffee cup back to work after putting it through the dishwasher. Let me say, those paper cups that they provide at work do not keep drinks hot! This morning, when I had finally remembered to grab my cup, I spied a cool red cable wool sweater. Wool = warm, right? I got out my scissors and started my cup cozee.

No worries, I had already removed the sleeves on this one! It’s not like I’m raiding my closet 😉

      All I did was to cut a strip of the sweater, from bottom to top for the length. This cable pattern will make it pretty, don’t you think?

I cut one of the cable patterns into a strip.

      I wrapped the strip around the cup to measure where to cut the ties. I simply cut a square from the middle so that I have 2 tie strips on each end.

This wool and angora blend is going to be cozy on my hands too ❤

     And, that’s it. I drew one side of the ties through the mug handle so it doesn’t slip off.


      I can’t wait to try it out! With the wool and angora blend of the sweater, I have a feeling that I will be holding this mug in my hands ALL DAY!

Haha, it kind of looks like a bandit mask! Should I cut eye holes into it??

     I have another brave soul join my Looking Ahead Linky Party! Home Sweet Homemade made a really clever abacus wall hanging. Its pretty to look at and useful if you have lost your calculator 😉
Seriously, it is a cool project, you should check it out.

Home Sweet Homemade’s Abacus

Project Photo365
Central Valley fog. I couldn’t take a photo that did it any justice. I so love the fog. Too bad it makes driving so sketchy…..