>Antique Door

>Hi Everyone!

     I am sure that everyone remembers my antique door. It is the one that I hang everything off of when taking photos.

     My intention was never to use it as a backdrop, although I think it did a smashing job of it. I had planned to mount a mirror and key hook with a little shelf. It didn’t quite turn out that way either. But, I think it looks cool now. I just wish the photos did it more justice.

     The mirrored candle holder was a Z Gallerie piece that I found at the Salvation Army. I had this sitting on my kitchen counter for a couple of months while I thought about what to do with it. Glad to have a home for it now. The hook rack was also a Salvation Army find from a couple of years ago. This has always been used but not so prominently. I think they go well together. The door is an antique, originally from a Gilroy winery. It was given to a friend of mine years ago and now she has given it to me. Score!